Paddle Surfing Workout | Upper Body HIIT for Surfer

Paddle Surfing Workout – Upper Body HIIT for Surfer to improve your paddling. You want to paddle effortlessly into the line up and with power into the waves? In this Workout we will boost your paddling power for long paddle sessions and powerful paddle sprints.

Stoke - Surfen und seine positiven mentalen Effekte.


Paddle Surfing Workout – Upper Body HIIT for Surfer

Enjoy this quick but effective Paddle Surfing Workout. This 30/15 HIIT addresses you upper body. 

We recommend 3 rounds.

Another note: The workout does not contain a warm up or a cool down. Please warm up before you start your workout and then do a cool down. Have fun!

Here you will find more tips to get more out of this and any other surf workout.

Paddle Surfing Workout – Would you like more of it?

We wish you lots of fun and success with Paddle Surfing Workout for more paddle power

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